Among other things, Koenigsegg would prepare a 2 + 2 hybrid model called KG12 for the next Geneva show.

Over the rumors, Koenigsegg's program for the Geneva 2020 show seems to be getting clearer, and it could be loaded. Thus, after the noises of hallway evoking a concept car named Mission 500, the site The Supercar Blog says to have heard of a 2 + 2 seater supercar which would bear the name KG12. It could be a provisional designation.

The KG12 would be hybrid. The sources of the site would announce under the hood a three-cylinder petrol engine of 2L of displacement using the FreeValve technology of Koenigsegg to dispense with camshaft. Electric motor (s) included, the total power would be around 1,500hp. The bulk of the power could therefore come from the electrical part.

Original concept, familiar design?

The KG12 would display an instantly recognizable design with, among



The first taxiing of the McLaren MCL35 was made in Barcelona on Sunday. It is the fifth F1 2020 to have taken the track.

McLaren arrived in Barcelona before the other teams! The English team rolled its McLaren MCL35 on Sunday on the Catalan circuit, for a debugging.

Lando Norris took care of this first driving in the new McLaren single-seater. Carlos Sainz then took the wheel. McLaren has published several videos of this traffic on social networks.

The McLaren MCL35 is the fifth F1 2020 to hit the track. The Red Bull RB16 and then the Mercedes F1 W11 EQ Performance drove at Silverstone, the Alfa Romeo C39 debuted at Fiorano and the AlphaTauri AT01 took to the track at Misano.

Useful tests for teams

Trials are prohibited outside the races and the two se

Huawei poses a threat to NATO – Strategies


Mark Esper, the Minister of Defense, warned of the threat that the Chinese equipment supplier would pose to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the military alliance between Europe and the United States.

The American Minister of Defense warned Europeans on Saturday that by authorizing the Chinese telecoms equipment supplier Huawei to build 5G networks, they risked " threaten "NATO. " Failure to understand and respond to the threat could ultimately threaten what has been the most successful military alliance in history, NATO Said Mark Esper at the Munich security conference. The American Minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo denounced the “ Trojan horse "Which constitutes in his eyes the Chinese equipment supplier, whose involvement in Western 5G networks will lead in his eyes to transfer the data of all users to" Chinese Communist Par

Volvo S60 Polestar Engineered: the Swedish hybrid that is not cold in the eyes – Clean Car


Volvo is completing the conversion of its entire range to the plug-in hybrid. The S60 family sedan quite logically takes over the T8 engine already widely available. But it also adds a Polestar Engineered version, which claims a handful of additional horses and a sporty temperament.

The Volvo S60 is a testament to the ambitions of the Geely group, its Chinese owner, for the Swedish brand. On the one hand, because its launch coincides with the start-up of a brand new American factory, located in Ridgeville, South Carolina. But also because, in Europe, it is only available with rechargeable hybrid engines. In the press release, Volvo boasted that it no longer offered diesel on its family sedan, presenting this as a gesture for the environment. But we will not be fooled. Already because the greener side of a plug-in hybrid engine, and even a gasoline engine compared to a diesel remains to be demonstrated. Also and above all, this corresponds to a

At Murray Hill, Nokia promotes 5G under the seal of the “Bell Labs” – Les Échos


Posted Feb 17 2020 at 8:00 amUpdated Feb 17. 2020 at 8:59 am

On a box, the articulated arm of a robot deposits a phantom piece, remotely guided by orders from a 4G telecom network. The demonstrator activates the 5G network: the arm stops an instant earlier than before, avoiding crossing the line which could endanger the operator.

In Murray Hill (New Jersey), an hour's drive from New York, the “Future X Lab” serves as a showcase to show industrialists and operators the “use cases” of a technology now at the heart of technological battle between the United States and China.

Reduce latency

If the phone manufacturers are starting to offer a few models adapted to 5G that could appeal to consumers by reducing download times, shortening latency times and improving the reliability of the information transmitted are the selling points to conquer businesses.

Audi wants to build small and affordable electric car – Tom’s Guide


Determined to occupy the compact urban electric segment, Audi is working on an affordable commercial version of its AI: ME using the Volkswagen MEB Entry group platform presented in 2018.

Image 1: Audi wants to build a small and affordable electric car

Audi plans to come and hunt on the land of the BMW i3 or the Mini Electric by putting on the market a small 100% electric city car. However, it will take several years to see it arrive in concessions.

Audi to tackle affordable city car segment

It's on the new platform MEB Entry that Audi’s future electric city car will be designed. She could resume the basics of the AI: ME concept car presented by the brand at the Shanghai M

The best way to cook a steak


In 1988, my parents bought their first cooking thermometer.

They were at the Huntington butcher's shop on Long Island, and the butcher in the white jacket they were chatting with was speechless when they learned they didn't have one. They had just bought a New York strip, a piece of meat prepared in the heart of the rib eye, a little expensive for young journalists who were still paying off their student loans, and they were afraid of spoiling it. So they asked him what was the best way to cook their meat.

"Sear it on the barbecue until it is cooked through", he said, insisting on a reference temperature that they should respect. Then, seeing their crumbling mines, he added: "Don't tell me you don't have a kitchen thermometer … You really don't have a kitchen thermometer ?!" He

Quebecers bought more Acura NSX than Fiat 500X! – The Car Guide


It may sound amazing, but it is true. When we look at the sales figures for new vehicles in 2019, six Quebecers bought the superbolide signed Acura, and only three motorists opted for the small Fiat 500X SUV.

And you guessed it, the fact that Acura sold six NSXs makes a lot of sense considering its high price ($ 192,895). In addition, the number of customers able to afford these types of vehicles is not very large.

However, when we see that Fiat has sold only three 500X throughout Quebec, it's rather worrying for the manufacturer's survival in the long term. Especially since it’s a small SUV, a popular category for buyers.

For comparison, Hyundai sold 11,429 copies of the Kona, Honda 5,036 units of the HR-V and Mazda 4,911 models of the CX-3 in 2019.


Why Tesla is also pushing the limits on the stock market – La Tribune


Trees don't go up to the sky … And yet Tesla is on the march to prove the contrary. The Californian automaker founded by Elon Musk crossed in early February thresholds of market capitalization which propelled it into the stratosphere of the automotive sector. Monday February 3, Tesla was listed for $ 140 billion … Or the valuation of Volkswagen, Renault and PSA combined! In other words, from the top of its 360,000 cars sold in 2019, the company founded by Elon Musk was worth as much as the 18 million cars built by these three automotive groups. And yet Tesla is still unprofitable over an entire fiscal year. In 2019, only the third quarter was profitable. What are the driving forces behind this extraordinary stock market dynamic?

Tech value?

There is little debate around Tesla's innovative strength. "Everything is cutting-edge technology at Tesla, from software updates to batteries that resist extre

Nuvia: former architect of iPhone chips accuses Apple of wanting to “stifle” innovation – MacGeneration


Nuvia strikes back. Accused by Apple of violating confidentiality and non-competition clauses, the start-up founded by former Cupertino managers accuses Apple of anti-competitive practices.

Gerard Williams III, CEO of Nuvia. Image Nuvia.

Gerard Williams III, who worked under the direct authority of Johnny Srouji, the chief architect of the Ax processors, said that Apple had tried to prevent Nuvia from recruiting engineers from Cupertino, while also trying to poach employees of his start-up.

Apple's complaint is intended to "Stifle the creation of new technologies and solutions by new companies and reduce the freedom of entrepreneurs to seek more fulfilling work", writes Gerard Williams in a document given to the California court.

Nuvia's goal is