Quebecers bought more Acura NSX than Fiat 500X! – The Car Guide


It may sound amazing, but it is true. When we look at the sales figures for new vehicles in 2019, six Quebecers bought the superbolide signed Acura, and only three motorists opted for the small Fiat 500X SUV.

And you guessed it, the fact that Acura sold six NSXs makes a lot of sense considering its high price ($ 192,895). In addition, the number of customers able to afford these types of vehicles is not very large.

However, when we see that Fiat has sold only three 500X throughout Quebec, it's rather worrying for the manufacturer's survival in the long term. Especially since it’s a small SUV, a popular category for buyers.

For comparison, Hyundai sold 11,429 copies of the Kona, Honda 5,036 units of the HR-V and Mazda 4,911 models of the CX-3 in 2019.

Photo: FCA

Catastrophic sales figures

Fiat’s problem is that the 500X isn’t the only vehicle not sold. The manufacturer sold 28 Fiat 500 in 2019 and the best seller remains the 124 Spider with 51 units.

When we add up the sales figures for all the vehicles sold by Fiat in Quebec, we arrive at 82 cars for the whole of 2019.

Fortunately, Fiat-Chrysler can count on very profitable models like the RAM vans (13,984 vehicles sold in 2019) and the Jeep range to bring fresh money into the trunk.

But the good sales of Jeep and RAM cannot hide the fact that Fiat's return to North America is a failure. Sales in 2018 had already been catastrophic for the brand, which raises the question of its future.

There are only two solutions anyway: stop the costs or revive the brand by reinvesting a lot of money. But even by injecting a lot of liquidity, which models to sell? Within the current range, there are only small vehicles which are condemned to make figuration on the market in Canada and in the United States.

The Tipo, a compact sold in Europe in three forms (sedan, hatchback and family) defends itself fairly well at the level of sales thanks to a reduced price and fairly complete equipment. It could have had some success a few years ago, but unfortunately for it, sedans are no longer in fashion. What you need are SUVs.

Photo: Fiat

Finally, the salvation of Fiat may come from the merger between FCA and Peugeot-Citroen (PSA). Could models sold in Europe under the Peugeot, Citroën or Opel brands be marketed under the Fiat banner with us? In absolute terms, nothing prohibits it, but these are pure speculations.

While waiting to learn more about FCA’s intentions, Fiat remains on an artificial respirator in Canada.

Video: the failed merger between FCA and the Renault group


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