Among other things, Koenigsegg would prepare a 2 + 2 hybrid model called KG12 for the next Geneva show.

Over the rumors, Koenigsegg's program for the Geneva 2020 show seems to be getting clearer, and it could be loaded. Thus, after the noises of hallway evoking a concept car named Mission 500, the site The Supercar Blog says to have heard of a 2 + 2 seater supercar which would bear the name KG12. It could be a provisional designation.

The KG12 would be hybrid. The sources of the site would announce under the hood a three-cylinder petrol engine of 2L of displacement using the FreeValve technology of Koenigsegg to dispense with camshaft. Electric motor (s) included, the total power would be around 1,500hp. The bulk of the power could therefore come from the electrical part.

Original concept, familiar design?

The KG12 would display an instantly recognizable design with, among other things, an enveloping windshield and opening doors like those of the Regera. At the rear, the engine cover could be glazed. The production of the model would be limited to 300 copies, the first deliveries planned for 2022 and its price set at around 1.4 million euros.

It remains to be seen where this KG12 would fit into the projects known to Koenigsegg. The Swedish manufacturer recently formalized the presentation of an entry-level model, which could be this 2 + 2, in 2020. See you in early March to have your heart set on it.

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