Huawei poses a threat to NATO – Strategies


Mark Esper, the Minister of Defense, warned of the threat that the Chinese equipment supplier would pose to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the military alliance between Europe and the United States.

The American Minister of Defense warned Europeans on Saturday that by authorizing the Chinese telecoms equipment supplier Huawei to build 5G networks, they risked " threaten "NATO. " Failure to understand and respond to the threat could ultimately threaten what has been the most successful military alliance in history, NATO Said Mark Esper at the Munich security conference. The American Minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo denounced the “ Trojan horse "Which constitutes in his eyes the Chinese equipment supplier, whose involvement in Western 5G networks will lead in his eyes to transfer the data of all users to" Chinese Communist Party "And to" chinese secret service ".

The world's leading telecom equipment maker, Huawei has been implicated, against the backdrop of the trade war between the United States and China, by the Trump government, which highlights the risk of espionage on behalf of the Chinese government. The United States has called on many countries, particularly in Europe, not to use Huawei infrastructure for the deployment of the new 5G telephone network. They also placed the Chinese group on a black list in May 2019, forcing de facto American companies and residents of the United States to find other suppliers for their telecommunications equipment.

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said " many European countries have opted for an objective approach, based on scientific facts ".

" It goes without saying that every country has the right to care about its data protection security, but it is also important to provide a fair business environment for all businesses. ", He insisted. After the UK, France plans to give Huawei limited access to the 5G market, despite US pressure and suspicions about the equipment security of the Chinese telecoms giant. Germany for its part has not yet announced its decision but its Chancellor Angela Merkel declared in December " against a priori exclusion of a specific company "While promising to" do everything to ensure safety »German infrastructure.


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