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Tesla has updated its catalog for the umpteenth time. The changes concern the Model S and Model X, now offered in the Large Autonomy Plus version.

Last year, Tesla kept updating its catalog, sometimes very closely. In 2020, the manufacturer should not change, evidenced by the recent evolution of the range spotted by Electrek on February 14. It is Model S and Model X that are affected. The two premium vehicles are now available in a Large Autonomy Plus version – in addition to Performance.

This new name symbolizes the gain in autonomy observed: in the United States, according to the EPA cycle, the Model S goes from 373 to 390 miles while the Model X can run 351 miles (against 328 previously). Compared to the European standard WLTP, this should translate into an increase of around twenty kilometers.

Tesla Model X Grande Autonomie Plus // Source: Tesla

Tesla changes the top of its range

This is not the first time that Tesla has managed to improve the autonomy of its vehicles. In fact, this increase should concern all cars recently removed from the factories. In a tweet posted on February 15, Elon Musk said: " All S and X cars assembled in recent months are above EPA autonomy standards. They will be unlocked very soon via a free update. Good news for the owners concerned, knowing that performance – speed, acceleration – remains unchanged.

Aesthetically, the Model S is now delivered with 19-inch Tempest rims, with a flatter design than those delivered in the past (which can affect efficiency). The Model X, for its part, is still offered with its 20-inch rims. Note that, for the time being, the French catalog has not yet received this update. It should be effective in the coming days, knowing the habits of Tesla.

As a reminder, the multinational should launch, this year, a Plaid version for the Model S and Model X. It will revolve around a powertrain combining three engines, powered by a larger battery.

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