BMW: X5 and X6 adopt microhybridization in diesel –


Microhybridization is the "easy" solution to slightly lower the CO2 emissions of models, in particular on large engines where the potential for decline is greater. At BMW, these are the last X5 and X6 which adopt a 48V electrical network on the 40d diesel versions.

BMW: X5 and X6 adopt micro-hybridization in diesel

There is an urgent need to drastically reduce CO2 emissions from manufacturers in Europe. According to a recent study, a large part of them will not reach their goal by 2021. In the meantime, brands are doing with the "means of the edge" by launching out of arms hybrids, which they Whether simple, rechargeable or "mild", this famous very light technology which allows a few grams of CO2 to be collected with a 48V electrical network and energy recovery.

The X5 and X6 40d (six cylinders in line diesel) receive, at BMW, a microhybridization. The 48V battery is associated with a small 11 hp electric motor and more energy recovery under braking.

The CO2 emissions from the X5 xDrive40d are now between 154 and 167 g / km depending on the finish (and equipment, rim sizes, etc.). Those of the X6 with the same engine go from 153 to 164 g / km, the SUV coupe taking advantage of a slightly favorable design.

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