The hallucinating maintenance cost of a Bugatti Veyron –


Owning a Bugatti Veyron is a dream accessible to only a few privileged rich who can afford its Pharaonic maintenance costs. Including 22 000 € for a drain.

How much does it cost to maintain a Bugatti Veyron? A question that you have probably never asked yourself but to which Manny Khoshbin, a rich instator owner of many exceptional vehicles, still wanted to answer in a video.

The emptying for example, usually costing between 50 and 150 € depending on the type of oil and the car, is invoiced € 22,000 on the Veyron ! An amazing price that can be explained in part by the difficulty of the maneuver. To get there, the mechanics must dismount the entire rear of the car to access the engine and eventually open the 16 drain plugs, W16 requires.

Nearly € 100,000 of maintenance!

This is not over since Bugatti recommends change the tires every 2-3 years, against the modest sum of about 34 000 €. Not to mention € 45,000 requested for the replacement of the wheels every 16,000 km. Because yes, with 1,000 horsepower (up to 1,200 hp) under the hood and 1,250 Nm of torque (1,500 Nm), the wheels are put to the test.

Of course, it is necessary to relativize these Pharaonic maintenance costs since the Bugatti Veyron was sold at least 1.6 million euros, and more than 2 million for special versions. Not what to scare its owners so!


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