Samsung Galaxy A 2020: the first model is officialized in a few days – FrAndroid


The first model of the Samsung Galaxy A of the year 2020 will be unveiled on December 12th. Everything suggests that this is the Galaxy A51.

It's been several weeks since we heard about the new generation of Samsung Galaxy A in preparation, after an intense year 2019 for this range of products. Now, we now have a date of presentation for the first model or models of Galaxy A 2020.

Indeed, Samsung Vietnam has published a video to make an appointment on December 12, 2019 as part of the presentation of at least one Galaxy A 2020.

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Without doubt the Galaxy A51

It remains to be seen what will be the officialized devices. Recent information points to an imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy A51, while it would be more surprising, but not impossible, to see also the Galaxy A71 whose design was shown before time. Let's not forget the Galaxy A11, A31 and A41, but these three are rather anticipated in the course of the year 2020.

Note that the model highlighted in the video teaser is adorned with a punch centered at the top of the screen to integrate the front photo sensor. This corresponds to what we know until now about the design of the Galaxy A51.

We must wait until December 12 to answer our questions. Moreover, it is a safe bet that this event concerns only the Vietnamese market and that the products that will be announced will arrive only several weeks later in France and in Europe.


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