Naim and Bentley: new products for 10 years –


British automaker Bentley Motors and one of the world's leading audio systems companies, Naim, celebrate ten years of partnership with a new audio device touted as the most powerful installed in an automobile today.

The latest evolution of the "Naim for Bentley" audio system, installed in the latest Bentley Flying Spur, includes no less than 21 loudspeakers and guarantees a power of 2,200 watts which is associated with the efficiency of the "Active Bass Transducers" system. .

The set offers unparalleled sound quality and allows you to listen to any type of music in optimal quality, from the hottest rock songs to the finest orchestrations.

All features of the latest-generation Naim for Bentley system developed around the innovative Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology are accessible via the 12.3-inch high-definition touchscreen positioned on the center console of the Flying Spur. Simple screen or split screen (2: 1) are on the menu of this display which finally offers different functions simultaneously.

Since the first system "Naim for Bentley" which proposed in 2008 a power of 1100 watts (via 15 speakers), the collaboration between the two brands has borne fruit and can even be exported to your living room, with a special edition the 450-watt Mu-so wireless acoustic device (6 speakers).


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