Homemade broths, delicate, light and ultra tasty


Do not want to eat a thick soup? The solution then is the broth! Full of flavors and all light, a good broth, it's the dish detox and tasty par excellence. The chefs also use it as a scent or to cook certain preparations, and he then takes refined airs. You can also dive dumplings, dumplings … the possibilities are endless. How to give taste to his dishes? What is the secret of a broth rich in flavors?

By adding broth or fumet to its preparations, it is the best solution to enrich your dishes, while remaining light. This soup infusion fills the plates without weighing down the stomachs, and that's why we love it!
The bouillon is back to its nobility and it is vegetable broth, beef or poultryIt can be used just as it is, to prepare a risotto or to have the ingredients for a pot-au-feu.
But the broth can also take on more exotic flavors, and the cooking ThaiJapanese or Vietnamese can offer us recipes of various aroma and broth, adopting sweet, spicy, vegetal or more tangy notes.

And as we prefer natural broth, homemade, commercial broths boosted flavor enhancers, here are all our recipes and tips to master this fundamental recipe in cooking.

How to define a broth or an aroma?

  • A broth is a cooking liquid, in which will be simmered and "infused" meat, fish or vegetables, or even herbs and spices. Delicate, not very caloric, clear, it exhales its subtle notes. Some refined recipes filter the broth which then bears the naked name little outdated "consumed".
  • A smell as for it is a broth that will have been reduced on the fire, to obtain a more concentrated preparation and therefore stronger in taste. It is also found under the name of bottom: "bottom of poultry" "bottom of veal" …

Most of the time, broths and aroma are used as bases for developing accompaniment sauces, for flavoring a stewed dish like an aspic, or for cooking by delicately adding a flavor supplement.
But we can also consume them as is. Our grandmothers used poultry or beef broth as tonic, some even added a diluted egg. Vegetable broth is ideal for a detox meal, with whole vegetable pieces.
For a more gourmet broth, you can add croutons, melted cheese or plunge ravioli …

Trick : Some festive recipes just perfume a broth with truffle or scallops, to give it a chic flavor without the recipe is too expensive using the ingredients as they are.

Broths in commerce: Dehydrated formulas in the form of powder or cubes, very concentrated, are commercially available. These preparations are often enriched with glutamate flavor enhancers, or even worse, poorly recommended.

How to make your own broth?

The other advantage of broths, apart from their flavor, is that they allow recover your remains. Soak leftovers in water, which soaks up flavors and filters before serving.
The best-known example is fish broth, made from fish's bones and heads. The same goes for the carcass of a poultry, or the bones of beef that your butcher gives you. We add vegetables, herbs, spices sometimes … Not ragoûtant certainly, but it allows to enhance the flavors without spoiling.
It also works very well with your end-of-life vegetables, or with their tops, or even herbs. But be careful not to use the potato or the white beans (cook them separately and add them at the last moment), because they opacify a broth of vegetables.

The recipe of a broth always contains vegetables, and sometimes spices. However, be careful not to mask the taste of fish or meat, if you make a non-vegetarian broth.

The top ingredients of broth

Do not forget to skim your broth (and even to degrease it if you prepare it with meat). This consists of removing the foam that forms on the surface, so that your broth remains tasty but clear.

Good broths usually include a bouquet garni: laurel, thyme and you can add an onion. Some recipes will preferably use leek for a less pronounced result than onion. A broth based on crustaceans will support a piece of lemon or lemongrass very well.

Those in a hurry and mowed will also be able to heat salt water with bone marrow and a branch of laurel, they will get a broth clear and fragrant.

In Asia, broths are usually quite spicy. If you also like the dishes, you can add fresh ginger in pieces, some cloves to bite into the onions (be careful, their flavor is very frank, stay parsimonious), stems of lemongrass, a little pepper.
As always with spices, have a handsome hand on the dosage …

The broth also serves as a base for ravioli, to make a risotto ...

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How to keep my broth?

A broth is theoretically a fragile preparation: it is stored in the refrigerator imperatively and not more than 3 days.
However, the good idea is to freeze it in ice cube trays so you can use it in the right amounts, depending on your needs. To you the risottos on the fly!

Some broth recipes:

Tasty broth for sea soup

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The recipe of chicken broth


  • 1 chicken carcass,
  • some carrots,
  • some celery stalks,
  • a white of leek,
  • 2 big onions,
  • 1 bouquet garni,
  • salt and pepper.

Step 1: Clean, (peel if they are not organic) and cut all the vegetables into pieces. Rinse the bouquet garni and peel the onions.
Step 2: Arrange in a large saucepan, Dutch oven or pressure cooker, add the chicken carcass and cover with 1.5 liters of water. Adjust the amount of water according to the size of your container. Add salt and pepper.
Step 3: Bring to a boil, then lower the heat to just simmer for at least 1 hour.
Step 4: Let cool, then degrease with a skimmer and filter.

Our advice: you can also use a hen, a guinea fowl, a turkey, a capon or a duck.

The recipe beef broth


  • 500 g of lean beef (meat stew for example),
  • some carrots,
  • 1 celery stalk,
  • 1 leek,
  • 1 bouquet garni,
  • 1 onion,
  • pepper.

Step 1: Wash and cut the vegetables into pieces.You can keep the skin if they are organic. Peel and cut the onion.
Step 2: Put everything in a pressure cooker, with the bouquet garni, meat and pepper. Cover with 1.5 liters of water.
Step 3: Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to keep a slight simmer for 30 minutes.
Step 4: Let cool, degrease and filter.

The recipe of traditional vegetable broth


  • 1 assortment of vegetables for pot-au-feu (carrots, leeks, turnips, onion),
  • some salad leaves,
  • a celery stalk,
  • a bouquet garni,
  • coarse salt and pepper.

Step 1: Rinse, peel (if they are not organic) and cut all the vegetables into pieces.
Step 2: Arrange them in a pressure cooker, cover with at least 1 liter of salt water.
Step 3: Bring to the boil and when that boils, reduce the intensity of the heat to just simmer 1 hour 30.
Step 4: Filter (and reserve your cooked vegetables that you can eat or mash) and adjust the seasoning.

advice : To choose the right vegetables, see also all our records of seasonal vegetables month by month.

How to prepare a fish stock


  • 1 kg of ridges and / or fish heads,
  • some carrots,
  • 1 onion,
  • 2 shallots,
  • 1 bouquet garni.

Step 1: Sweat the onion and chopped shallots in a little butter. Break the ridges and add them to the onions and shallots. Leave on the skillet briefly: the edges should not color.
Step 2: Cover with water at the edges (the aroma should remain fairly concentrated), and add carrots peeled and cut into pieces, and the bouquet garni.
Step 3: Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat, and let simmer about twenty minutes.
Step 4: Filter. Rectify the seasoning if necessary.

advice : you can add 20 cl of white wine for more taste in step 2.

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