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After two years of good career, the XC60 SUV offers a very slight update invisible except on the trunk where the name D4 is now supported by a B4 reserved for AWD four-wheel drive versions. A second letter of the alphabet announcing the installation of a 48 V onboard system, kinetic energy recovery at deceleration and an alternator-starter. If the evolution of the power from 190 to 197 hp remains insensitive to the steering wheel with largely sufficient performances, we found that the approval had gained some points. Especially thanks to a stop & start perfectly silent at each restart. Better, it seemed to us that the consumptions were lower since we had raised 10 l / 100 km average with the old version D4 AWD on the same course while the computer board of this "B4" announced 7.9 l / 100 with, it is true, a more dense circulation and, consequently, a slightly lower rate. Last good point that may interest the big riders: the volume of the tank goes from 60 to 71 liters on all XC60, except version T8 which goes to 70 liters. As a result, the range easily reaches 120 to 160 km depending on your driving. Welcome changes that deserve the question at the time of the choice to a B5 certainly higher performance but charged € 4,500 more and penalized by a power tax of 14 Cv against 11 hp. For the rest, the Swedish SUV remains an excellent companion very pleasant to live, remarkably well finished, nicely presented and comfortable. It will always be criticized for a slight lack of dynamism because of its high mass, a trunk volume (505 liters) a little just in the category and any livability.


Better in all respects, this XC60 B4 erases some of the small defects of the D4 remains in the catalog two-wheel drive.

Volvo XC60 B4: the technique

Engine: 4-cylinder in-line, turbo-diesel, direct injection, 16 valves, 1,969 cm3, FAP, stop & start, 48 V onboard system

Transmission: 4 × 4, auto, 9 speed

Power (ch to rpm): 197 to 4,000

Torque (Nm at rpm): 420 to 1,750

Weight (kg): 1,950

Long.xlarg.xhaut. (m): 4.69 × 1.90 × 1.67

CO2 / malus: 142/860 €

Price (Starting from): 51 230 €

WE love :

  • Approval, consumption and autonomy in progress
  • Comfort
  • Presentation / finishing / atmosphere

We like less:

  • Weight
  • Chest volume
  • Any habitability

Volvo XC60 B4 rivals

  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 D 190 hp Q4, from 44 700 €
  • Audi Q5 40 TDI Quattro S tronci, 190 hp, from 50 080 €
  • BMW X3 20d, 190 hp, starting at € 54,100
  • Jaguar F-Pace 2.0D AWD, 180 hp, from € 53,450
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport D180, starting at € 45,400
  • Mercedes GLC 220d 4Matic, 194 hp, from € 55,850

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