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Begun in 2016, the partnership between Automobili Lamborghini and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology culminates in a first major result on supercapacitor technology, with a patent on an innovative synthetic material.

Electric bull

The new patented material was developed by Professor Mircea Dincă's team in the laboratories of the MIT Chemistry Department, with the support of Automobili Lamborghini's concept development department. The project focused on materials whose molecular structure will enable the fabrication of electrodes for future high performance supercapacitors by optimizing the amount of surface exposed to the electrical charge. The patent promises to double the energy density compared to the technology currently available on supercapacitors, a feature on which lithium-ion batteries still have the upper hand for the time being. But in terms of power, speed of charge and discharge as well as lifetime, supercapacitors have a substantial advantage.

Lamborghini is already well invested in this technology, as evidenced by the concept Terzio Millenio of 2017 – which was already the fruit of collaboration with the MIT – and the Sian supercar engine V12 light hybridization, unveiled this year.

Terzio Millenio

In parallel with this breakthrough, the partnership also includes two other projects: a three-year collaboration with MIT's mechanical engineering department to develop more efficient battery prototypes combining energy storage performance and structural integrity. Finally, the partnership with the MIT-Italy program has allowed two MIT students to gain professional experience at Automobili Lamborghini, working on the development of composites specifications and mathematical modeling of the conductive properties of supercapacitors.

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Let it be said, Lamborghini is fully engaged in its electric revolution. And to be convinced, Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, said that joint research with MIT "Fully embodies our values ​​and our vocation to anticipate the future: a future in which hybridization is increasingly desirable and inevitably necessary. " A 4-door 100% electric GT, possibly based on a common platform with cousins ​​Taycan and e-Tron, is also expected by 2025.

Pictures: Lamborghini


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