partner distributors do not want to consider the worst


Yvon Peltanche, CEO of Eden Tour: "For now I do not imagine that the Chinese shareholders of Fosun who have already put considerable sums in the capital of the Thomas Cook Group can withdraw overnight" – Photo Thomas Cook PLC

"There is no red alert on this folder"summarizes Richard Vainopoulos, president of TourCom about the difficulties faced by the group Thomas Cook who must finalize a recapitalization.

"We are currently in the phase of finalizing the conditions of this recapitalization. It is a complex negotiation and the Group needs a little more time for all parties to agree on the final terms.

Discussions are continuing and we are trying to finalize the transaction by the beginning of October as planned, "said a spokesman for Thomas Cook France.The operation remains suspended vote of creditors next weekend .

A situation that could worry the distribution partners of the French subsidiary but also the APST, financial guarantor of the tour operator in France.

Yet we are far from panic. "Oddly some are worried today when we have a solution, which was not the case 6 months ago, analysis Emmanuel Toromanof, secretary general of the APST.

Now, if the solution exists, it must still go to the end. But everyone has an interest in saying yes. Ditto on what is heard on the renewal of the license issued by ATOL who is also the financial guarantor (the license of Thomas Cook's ATOL must be renewed on October 1 in Britain, ed).

And then the French subsidiary is a company that works and could be bought back if necessary, with assets that are not uninteresting. "


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